Top Songs of 2019

I listened to 2023 songs in 2019, and these were the most-listened tracks. Most of these come from new (or new to me) Exotica releases, though there are a couple of favorite 1980s artists there too. Some good material leading the Pet Shop Boys album coming out later this month.

Song Name Artist Source Plays
Dreamland (feat. Years & Years) Pet Shop Boys 24.1.20 9
Simulua IntoxiKA IntoxiKA 8
Gold Lame’ IntoxiKA IntoxiKA 8
The Girl Behind the Bamboo Curtain Les Baxter and His Orchestra The Soul of the Drums 8
Pagan Ritual Martin Denny & Si Zentner Exotica Suite 8
An Open Mind Pet Shop Boys Dreamland - Single 8
No Boundaries Pet Shop Boys Dreamland - Single 8
Banana Juice Fisherman S.S.Exotik 7
Hanalei Moon IntoxiKA IntoxiKA 7
Primitiva IntoxiKA IntoxiKA 7
Colors of Hawaiki Ìxtahuele Mareld - Single 7
Lord, What a Morning Les Baxter and His Orchestra The Soul of the Drums 7
Jungle Train Martin Denny & Si Zentner Exotica Suite 7
Lotus Pool Martin Denny & Si Zentner Exotica Suite 7
The Forbidden Zone Oingo Boingo Oingo Boingo Demo EP 7


New Blog Post: “Yammer is Dead” is… Dead

257-2579354_microsoft-office-yammer-office-365-yammer-iconA work related blog post about the new Yammer experience coming to Office 365. This post went live shortly after the announcements on Monday, November 4 at the Microsoft Ignite conference.

Read the Post: “Yammer is Dead” is… Dead

Tiki in Honolulu and Waikiki

I joined Tiki with Ray for another episode, this time talking about tiki in Honolulu and Waikiki.

Tiki Blogging

I’ve done a few guest posts on the Tiki with Ray blog. Here’s the current lineup from this year. Each post also includes photos.

Guest Tiki Bar Review: Zombie Village – San Francisco, CA

Bay Area Suburban Tiki is a Mixed Bag

Guest Tiki Bar Review: Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge – Minneapolis MN

Sacramento Ohana Tiki Crawl 2019


Photos in Exotica Moderne Magazine

Add “published photographer” to my resume:

Ultimate Mai Tai Talk on Tiki with Ray

Aloha friends! Am so very pleased to be the latest guest on the Tiki with Ray show on YouTube. Check it out.

The video started off with a gaffe but otherwise Ray and I had a great conversation about my history with Mai Tais, the original Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai website from 1998, why tikiphiles shouldn’t look down on Island Mai Tais, and more.

Ray is really a great interviewer and it was my pleasure and honor to talk Mai Tais with him. Nice of Ray to hold this one for Mai Tai Week too.

Note that this was filmed in early July and so does not account for my recent downgrade of the Smuggler’s Cove Mai Tai. I actually bumped into Jeff “Beachbum” Berry at Mai Tai Fest last week and he said it made his day when I told him that Latitude 29 was now my number one Mai Tai.