Complete List of Nominees

These are the nominees for the 2000 Kahuna Awards, along with the definition of the categories. Numbers in parenthesis indicate multiple nominations. The 2000 Kahuna Winners is available for those who want additional details. Here's something about how the awards were chosen:

The award winners are chosen as follows:

  1. Open nominations are held for all categories and participants are encouraged to nominate as many different acts or albums for each category as they wish. The more nominations made, the better the results will be because
  2. All nominations for all categories are tallied. The submissions with the highest number of nominations are included for the actual voting. Five selections is optimum, but four or six are acceptable as well, if the numbers fall that way. If there are too many selections with the same number of nominations, the field is filled by randomly selecting items from the remaining contenders.
  3. These then become the official "nominees" for each category, and the lists are passed out again, this time asking for single votes in each category.
  4. These votes are tallied and the winner is chosen.

Here's something about incorrect items in our lists: 1) As far as I can tell, Combustible Edison didn't release anything in 1999, so they don't really belong in the Best Act category, but we like them a lot, and are sorry to see them go, so we'll let them stay. 2) Soothing Sounds for Baby is actually a re-release, not a new album. Sorry!

Next time, I promise I'll check my figures a little better, but hey, I'm not Price-Waterhouse. Thanks!
Peter Risser

Best act (artist or group):
Any artist or group that released an album in 1999. This is only for acts that released new albums in 1999, not re-releases. For example, Esquivel and Astroslut both released new albums in 1999 (See It in Sound was never issued before!) and are valid, whereas Air produced a re-release of a previous EP and are not.

Best new album:
Any new album released in 1999. See above for examples of valid and invalid items. It cannot be a re-release, a compilation or a soundtrack, as these have their own categories.

Best re-release (legitimate or bootleg):
Any album released prior to 1999 that was subsequently re-released during 1999. Air's Premier Symptomes would be valid, as would the Shagg's Philosophy of the World. In addition, this category covers two-fer re-releases, like Three Suns' "Midnight for Two/Soft and Sweet". Bonus tracks are okay. If a re-release includes them, it does not turn into a compilation or retrospective.

Best retrospective - single artist/act:
This is a retrospective of a single artist or act. This is for single (or possibly double) discs only. Multiple CD retrospectives belong in the Box Set category. Examples from 1999 would be the Preston Epps, Mongo Santamaria and Sam Butera comps, but not the Burt Bacharach comp as it is a box set. This category also do not include two-fer releases as these are considered re-releases.

Best compilation - various artists:
This is a compilation of various artists on a single CD (or possibly a double CD). Multiple CD compilations are classified as box sets. Examples from 1999 are Stroboscopica 2, Pop Romantique and the Tiki Sampler from Ultra Lounge.

Best box set - single or multiple artists:
A multiple CD set, likely released in a box (hence the name), with a nice book, swell packaging and the like. Box sets can represent sets of entire albums or a cross-section of songs, from any period. Examples from 1999 would be the Burt Bacharach set, the Samuel Hoffman set and the Wendy Carlos set.

Best soundtrack (new or re-release):
Any new soundtrack released, or old soundtrack re-released in 1999. Legitimate and bootleg releases are both considered. Examples for 1999 would be Iron Giant, Hell's Belles, Mannix, Breakfast of Champions and La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna.

Best new act (artist or group):
This is an act that released its first big album in 1999. Previous singles and homemade tapes can be overlooked. Examples from 1999 might be Astroslut and Seks BOMBA.

Big Kahuna Achievement Award:
This is the opportunity to give an award to a major contributor to our love of Exotica music. This can be anyone related to exotica, for any reason.

Golden Bamboo Platter:
This is the opportunity to single out an amazing album that helped influence our musical tastes. This can be any exotica-related album, for any reason.

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