Used Record Store: The Record Man

This is a good news/bad news story (of sorts).

So, I happened to be driving around Redwood City, CA the other day (near San Francisco) and happened to see a used record store called "The Record Man". I stopped by...

The store was a converted house and the place was literally filled from floor to ceiling with LPs (just a few CDs and Tapes). Creaky and uneven wood floors, chipping paint, and an old feel... but still impressed by the volume of records. I asked the owner if they had any Exotica and he send the other worker (his son?) to show me "Upstairs in the Instrumental EZ listening section... there is a record player up there, help yourself." The kid proceeds to grab a key and walk me out the store, then up a staircase on the side of the building. He unlocks the door to reveal another full story full of more and more LPs.

He shows me the EZ Listening section and I immediately go to the D's to look for Martin Denny. And what to my wondering eyes appear, but literally 4-5 feet worth of Martin Denny LPs. Name an album and it was there... the early stuff, the late stuff, everything! Most in Very Good condition.

For kicks, I checked out the Arthur Lyman section. Disappointed, there were only three feet worth of records here ;-) !!

Unfortunately, no Exotica Suite in the Si Zetner section ... oh I forgot to even look at the Les Baxter section I was so awestruck by the selection in the Martin Denny section.

Well, this story doesn't have a sad ending but ain't exactly completely rosy. I take three albums down (Exotic Percussion, Latin Village, Exotic Love) and ask how much. The owner proceeds to look them up in the used record store "blue book" and says they are $20-$24 each. Ouch! I know the guy needs to make a living but you always hope for some sort of "steal".

So, I drop Exotic Love and leave only mildly disappointed.

Interestingly, I did talk to the guy about Exotica and he said he really dug that stuff... but that Lyman was "his" guy. He is impressed when I tell him I saw Lyman play in Waikiki last fall...

Not a bargain but absolutely no complaints about the selection... I will return, soon! Kevdo says check it out.

The Record Man, 1322 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063

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