Exotica History Tour: Waikiki 1999

The birthplace of Exotica: the Shell Bar at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Note the frog statues in the pond outside... a subtle tribute to Martin Denny?
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The Aluminum Dome being razed to build a new hotel tower. The Dome was the showplace for many Exotica artists and recording studio for Arthur Lyman.
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A view of the International Marketplace from Kalakaua Street.  This was the former location of Don the Beachcomber's and the Dagger Bar where Martin Denny got his start in Waikiki.
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The Surf Room at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Many Exotica artists played here, including Martin Denny.
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The dead Trader Vic's at the International Marketplace. Note the sad sight of no cocktails on the menu today...
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Not truly Exotica related, but this tiki-themed McDonald's is right next to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
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The Halekulani Hotel. Famed for fabulous sunsets and Mai Tais, the Halekulani is where Arthur Lyman was working before being hired by Martin Denny. The rest, they say, is history...
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New History Tour - 2005

There's a much more recent history tour now available from Xtrememusic.org. Check it out folks!


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