Happy Holidays from the Crossmans. We hope you had a great 2002.

Quinn Plays SantaThe new year started with anticipation of our newest arrival. Quinn Michael joined the family on February 4th, weighing 7 lbs 12 oz. He looks nothing like his brother, and we are finding that they are quite different. "Mr. Quinn" as he is known by his friends, is now crawling all over and pulling himself up on just about everything; we expect he'll be walking soon. He loves his binky, his lovey and his big brother, and Riley adores him. Quinn travels well, too, making three car trips to Southern California with us, with little trouble. He's a happy, happy boy and we are blessed to have him.

Riley started pre-school this year and enjoys it except when it comes to lunchtime. He also participated in a wonderful Christmas Pageant at school, singing three songs with his classmates. Riley is always impressing people with his knowledge, whether it is knowing all of the state capitals or describing the Big Brother TV show ("It's Survivor in a house"). He enjoys gymnastics and playing T-ball with dad in the yard, but did not take well to organized soccer. Perhaps we'll try again in a couple years. Riley is growing into a very aware young man -- when he got upset by our cat Salem's rough play we told him that Salem was just playing with him. Riley's response: "I'm not a toy!" Riley can't wait to start kindergarten in the fall.

Julie continues to teach second grade this year, and is enjoying the benefits of a nice class. She was greatful for the time she was able to spend with Quinn after his birth. She is active with her Lemonaders mother's group, and enjoyed a Mom's weekend up in Napa with them. She's gotten deeper into scrapbooking and rubber stamping, and has enjoyed making many projects. She wishes she could put her talents to work and go into business for herself.

Kevin continues as an Intranet Project Manager at staffing firm Robert Half Intl. This year saw the relaunch of the company intranet, BobNet, which made for some stressful times in the early Fall. However, the rollout was successful so at least it ended well. Kevin enjoyed the traditional opening day Sci Fi movie experience (that started with Star Trek back in 1979) by seeing the new Star Wars movie with childhood friend Greg Becker. The event was even more special because Kevin also got to sit next to Obi-Wan Kenobi (or, somone dressed like him) -- and even got to hold his lightsaber! For enjoyment Kevin attends Palm User Group meetings and running, and winning, a Survivor pool at work. Kevin also had the pleasure as serving as Greg's Best Man in September.

Other unusual events.

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We wish you all a happy holiday season and a great 2003.

The Crossman Bunch: Kevin, Julie, Riley, and Quinn

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