Best of 2005

Monster Birthday Outfit



Royal Pose

T-Ball Fans

I don't know... Third Base



Hustling to First

Murray from the Wiggles

San Francisco Zoo

Brotherly Pose

Riley, Quinn, Emily, and Bryan


Zoo Train

Runaway Train!


Julie Poses at the Zoo

Kevin and coworker Louann meet Chad from Survivor

Oakland A's Game

Photo by Riley in old kitchen


Quinn and iMac

Capitola Beach Pose

Sandcastle Fun

Happy Boy

Curiosity with Ron Burgundy the kitten

Great America Theme Park Fans

Don't Fall Off!

SpongeBob Ride

Julie and Riley Bucket Ride Fun

Kevin and Quinn Bucket Ride Fun

Quinn's Potty Party

Emily Congratulates her Cousin

Front Door Pose

At Bonfonte Gardens Theme Park

Quinn and cousin Sophie

Ron Burgundy the Kitten

Quinn Carries RB!

Recreating a Survivor Reward Challenge

Playground Fun

Riley and Quinn Meet The President


Southwest Fun

Deer in the Wild

Grand Canyon

San Jose Mammoth Dig

Soccer Star

It's a Small World

Meeting Mickey at Disneyland

Where are the Teeth?

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle #2

Gold Dumbo

King Arthur's Carousel

Tom Sawyer Island

50th Mickey Celebration

Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Bountiful Valley Farm

Woo Hoo!

Ice Cream

Tourists at Disneyland

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Jockeying for Position

Around we go...

Quinn Loved the Rollercoaster in Toon Town

Big Thunder Mountain



Rock Climbing at Disney's California Adventure

Golden Teacup

Max the Kitten

Riley the Race Car Driver

Earmuffs! Kevin as Vince Vaughn from Old School


See My Guitar?

Leo Laporte - A Class Act

Quinn and Max at the Computer

Max Relaxes

Winter Train Ride in Sunol

Remodeled Kitchen

Julie and Salem in the Family Room

Remodeled Living Room

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