Crossman YEar in Review
Here are some of the best photos of the year, or important events in our lives.
Monkey Birthday Party
Taking the iDog for a Walk
Not much snow in South Tahoe in Feb.
Heavenly Lake Tahoe
The Three Amigos
Space Cadets
No Hands Coaster
Front Car of the Monorail
Minnie Mouse
Murray the Cat
Royals Third Basemen
Disneyland Exhibit at Calif. Museum
Ocean World
Crescent City's Marine Attraction
Shark Bait
Exploring the Harbor
Do You Really Need a Caption?
The Beach at Crescent City
Paul Bunyon's Shoe
Trees of Mystery, Klamath, CA
Top of the Skytrail
Hi Paul and Babe
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Lazy Bums
Lake Pose
Steve and Riley in the Cold Lake
Hobbs the Liger
Virginia City Gold Rush
Matilda the Kitten
Swimming Lessons?
Got Milk?
Tropical Greetings
Polynesian Cultural Center
Dole Pineapple Plantation
Out to Sea
Majestic Pose
They Closed the Park for Us
Indoor Soccer
Spiked Hair
He Ain't Heavy...
Car Art Faire in San Jose
Ardenwood Farm in Fremont
Julie's little pumpkins
Riley Number 1
Quinn and Dad
Signing up for next season's T-Ball
Go Hurricanes!
Capt. Jack Sparrow and Sheriff
Santa 2006
Brotherly Pose
Smile for the Closeup
Sleigh Ride with Cousin Emily
Winter Wonderland
Lean on Me
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