Mai Tai Recipes

This is Trader Vic's Original Mai Tai recipe. You'll note that there's nary a drop of orange or pineapple juice. For this reason, Mai Tais made with any sort of juice (besides lime juice) are not "true" Mai Tais.

The Original Formula - 1944

"Old Way" Mai Tai Formula - 1997

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Recipes from Mai Tai Fans

Kevin Crossman
I'm a big fan of the Trader Vic's mixes, but this recipe is just a little better.

Judy in Kailua

Guy Waller
Yo Mai Tai maniac: I run a bar school/consultancy business here in South Africa and this is the recipe I adapted from the one I was taught in London. We don't get Orgeat here in S.A. so I substituted Amaretto.

From LAFAGE in the United Arab Emerates.
Dear fans of the mixing, I run a cocktail bar since four years and here the recipe that we almost use for the Mai Tai, hope you will enjoy as I enjoy every night.

Tiki Tracy says "When making these beauties for myself (as I often do) I double the recipe and let the second half mellow while I savor the first half. Oh... how I love my life :-)"

Jeff & Terry of Southern California say "We have found this to be a very delightful drink on vacation in California or Nevada. There is no better drink in the world than a good Mai Tai. Good-sailing to all Mai Tai lovers..." 

Richard Fischer says "I've been a bartender in Sydney, Australia for over 5 years. I enjoy finding out how cocktails are really made from either books (I have some going back to the '20s) or 50 y.o. bartenders who haven't been mislead, not an easy species to find in these days of sugar, cream and vodka.anyway I always say 'for every cocktail book I have (a modest 50 or so) I probably have 2 or 3 Mai Tai recipies for each.' So about 2 years ago, I finished 2 years of work on perfecting a Mai Tai recipe, understanding the very limited ingredients available in Australia, few Carribean rums, no rock candy syrup. Here it is."

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