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Photo of a Trader Vic's Mai Tai
photo courtesy of Trader Vic's.

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anchor.jpg (787 bytes) Tiki Ti Website: This fabulous bar in Los Angeles has a very cool website. Check it out! (June 7, 2003)

anchor.jpg (787 bytes) Tiki Road Trip: We'd be remiss in reminding all Mai Tai fans to check out this fabulous book, complete with Mai Tai recipes from our own Kevin Crossman. Features Tiki Bar reviews from our friend James at the Tiki Bar Review Pages website! (June 7, 2003)

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palmtree.jpg (737 bytes) New Modern Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai Website!. Hey, look everyone! It is 2020 and we have a brand new website and blog. www.ultimatemaitai.com (January 21, 2020)


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